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PROCIETY (short for PRO + SOCIETY) was founded in 2022 right in the heart of Los Angeles on the corner of 15th and Main street.

We represent the integration of SPORTS & LIFESTYLE. We understand that your favorite pro teams logos represent more than the product thats shown on the field. It's a representation of where you come from and the culture that comes with the territory. Pro Team logos become more than letters and words, they become icons in itself. We understand that rocking your favorite sports team logos has the ability to portray powerful fashion statements. 

Our company vision is to bring you the newest and trendiest sports fashion apparel, headwear, and accessories. Our dedication is to offer an endless combination of teams and styles so that you could look your best.


1501 S. Main Street 
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday 10:00AM to 5:00PM